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I also have a very good view of the video screen showing the marvel signings so I’ve been looking at Haley atwell’s lovely face for about an hour or something

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So where I’m working selling books/managing signing lines for dark horse is right across from Image

But they have this giant walking dead wall set up so all i can see in the both is one of their tv screens playing this video on repeat

I have no idea what the video is about but I have seen Kelly Sue say something and nod like a hundred times now

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Ironically being at comic con is making it difficult to find out the news from comic con

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We’re hosting a signing for Dave mckeannn and he’s running thirty minutes late

Jesus there a full line of people waiting

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The one thing I do want is original art but I think I’m going to have to regroup on that and try again tomorrow

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That was all a bit too much for me and I realized there’s not actually much I want to buy but I don’t have time for a panel so I’m going to walk around outside