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Totally finished my work, now I just gotta drive home

I actually had a great time working and all the dark horse people are really amazing

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gammacazador asked: Nothing has been said yet. But in the comics Hope Pym had the codename Red Queen. But we still don't know if she'll suit up.

Ah gosh I hope she does or it’ll be super womp womp

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So if you want to know the times of the fight club 2 signing I can tell you that I’m sorry sir but that’s a ticketed event and we ran out of tickets this mornings. Yes I’m very sorry you’re right it is too bad.

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Really the only info from sdcc that I know is the times of the dark horse signings

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Did they announce in what capacity Hope Pym or whatever will be acting?

Is she Wasp II or just a regular person?

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I don’t know why I’m so offended by speed mixes that don’t have superman by goldfinger on them but that’s my ultimate tommy song